Tank toy specifications:

Tank toy - Play & Fuck!

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions: (length x width x height) = ~16" x 5.6" x 5,6" (40cm x 14cm x 14cm) (without dildo)
  2. Weight : ~ appr. 0.5 kg.
  3. Power source: 7.2 V DC rechargeable battery pack (or 6 batteries 1,5V "AA" size)
  4. Speed: appr.~ 0,15 m/sec.
  5. Forward-backward reversing.
  6. Remote control operated.

    Design description:

  7. The Tank toy is equipped with Vac-U-Lock dildo holder.
  8. Tank toy is operated by remote control panel. Forward-backward buttons are easy to find.
  9. Forward-backward motion of Tank toy transforms to fucking motion of dildo.
  10. User may easy operate Tank toy movement by changing forward-backward buttons on panel.
  11. Tank toy speed and force is just convenient.
  12. The power of Tank toy is not "very mighty", so it cannot cause some damage to body, but it is enough for fucking motions. (Certainly it is a toy, not powerful as a tank).
  13. Tank toy - "Play & Fuck"

    Additional information:

  14. For better coupling with "ground" the rubber carpet may be used under Tank tracks.
  15. If Tank power is not enough - the lower dildo size may be chosen.

    Selling information:

  16. Price: $220 . *(see special note)
  17. Shipping: by EMS. (see SHIPPING)
  18. The shipping price, according to the Tank toy weight and size is: (for example to USA - $60).
  19. Shipping term - 3-7 days.
  20. Manufacturing term: If there are ready Tank in stock we need 1 day for packing and sending procedure.
  21. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As any Motor device the Tank needs special care! Power of device is not very mighty, to cause sufficient damage. But in any case person must be careful!

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