• Stroke: 2" - 9" (5cm - 22cm) adjustable;
  • Frequency: 0 - 360 RPM adjustable;
  • Remote control operated (On/off, frequency adjusting).
  • Working height: 5" - 33" (13cm - 85cm) adjustable;
  • Working angles: (adjustable)
           - 0 - 75 degrees up;
           - 0 - 45 degrees down;
  • Vertical position available!
  • AC drive:
       Power source: 220 V AC
           (or 120 V AC);
       Motor power: 450 Watt;

Principle of action (Angle down)

Stand is a "classic" powerful Fucking Machine. It performs stroking motions of dildo by crankshaft mechanism with disc and connecting rod.
Universal support allows to install different height of fucking motion, from 5" to 35" (13cm - 90cm). Different angle of motion may be adjusted up to 75 degrees up, and 45 degrees down from horizontal, with step 15 degrees. The stroke may be adjusted on disc from 2" to 9" (5cm - 22 cm). Remote control allows On/Off switch and frequency adjustment from 0 to 360 RPM.

The unique vertical position is possible to install (not available in most of known fucking machines!).
Shaft length may be changed with additional extender.
See possible transformations of stand.

Special attachment allows to use Stand with anal plugs, and different "special" dildos.

Stand may be used with additional Spanking Arm as a spanking machine. Flexible Spanking Arm adds slightly spanking actions to main fucking act.

Classic machine, but more transformations!

Principle of action (Angle up)

Stand pictures Stand info

Stand basic price - $799

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