Pleasure Sofa specifications:

  1. Size: (height x width x length) = 35" x 71" x 23" (87cm x 180cm x 57cm)
  2. Weight ~ appr.50 (?) kg.
  3. Size in disassembled state, for shipping = 21" x 71" x 23" (55cm x 180cm x 57cm)

    Working parameters:

  4. Quantity of seat places: 3
  5. Quantity of dildos: 3
  6. Dildos stroke: up to 8" (~18-20 cm)
  7. Motor version frequency: 0-180 RPM.
  8. Motor power: 450 Watt.
  9. Power source : 220V (120V) AC.
  10. Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped. All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and vibrators are acceptable, easy to mount. (Dildos are not included!)

    General information:

  11. Design has steel welded frame that moves inside of sofa seat. Motor lifts frame with three dildos by levers mechanism. Dildos are sliding inside slots in sofa seat.
  12. Soft pillows of seat and back give convenience.
  13. Little motor noise is present.

    Selling information.

  14. Price: $1599. *(see special note)
  15. Shipping: by Panalpina. (see SHIPPING)
  16. The shipping price, according to the Sofa's weight and size is: (for example to USA in disassembled state) - $250 (must be checked).
  17. Shipping term - 7-10 days.
  18. Manufacturing term: We build Pleasure Sofa only for order. The manufacturing term 2 - 3 weeks.
  19. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    Additional opportunities.

  20. The colour of seat fabric may be chosen by customer (it does not raise the price)

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