Exercise Bike

fucking Exercise Bike
gives possibility to check pulse and calories during training!

Principle of action

The idea to create a Fucking Exercise Bike appeared after we have built the Fucking bicycle. We received a lot of requests to adapt the Fucking Bicycle to Exercise Bike for home use. The Exercise Bike has become very attractive and popular fucking-training machine. It is compact enough for use at home. And allows all trainings diagnostics during ride!

Design description:
Exercise bike has an additional frame, holding the unique disc mechanism. It is driven by additional chain. Legs motions cause disc rotation that transforms by crankshaft mechanism into stroking motions of dildo. It penetrates special saddle with the hole.
Computer displays duration, speed, distance, calories, and even pulse of fucking exercise!

Now we have new single-disc version, more reliable and easy in assembling (see pics).

Pleasure training

Exercise Bike pictures Exercise Bike info

Exercise Bike basic price - $745

our machines in action

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