Cycling Fucking Machines

RIDING BICYCLE. Real riding bicycle with fucking device, allowing ride and fuck on a road.
See Riding Bicycle page.
EXERCISE BIKE fucking machine.
Training motions on an Exercise Bike transform to fucking strokes of dildo mechanism.
See Exercise Bike page.
Electric motor Fucking Machine is installed on bicycle frame, producing fucking motions of dildo through the saddle. Bicycle riding is independent of fucking motions.
See Bicycle-FM page.
BICYCLE fucking machine.
Legs motions transforms by unique stroking device to fucking strokes of dildo.
See Bicycle page.
BEDCYCLE Fucking Machine.
Fucking cycling simulator in bed. Cycling fucking exercises in your bed.
See Bedcycle page.
Bicycle with TRAILER fucking machine.
The "active rider" is riding Bicycle, the second person is "on a trailer".
See Bicycle with Trailer page.

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