Screwer specifications:

SCREWER is the only device in world screwing itself inside!

    General information

  1. Screwer dimensions (without motor and shaft):
    length = 12" (30cm); diameter = 1.5" (4cm)
  2. Flexible shaft length: ~10ft (3m)
  3. Dimensions for shipping: ~12" x 5" x 4" (30cm x 12cm x 10cm)
  4. Spiral length: 6" (~15cm).
  5. Spiral diameter: ~1.5" (4 cm).
  6. Weight (without motor) : ~ appr.0,5 kg.
  7. Weight (with motor) : ~ appr.2 kg.
  8. Power source: 120V AC. (12V DC with adaptor is possible)
  9. Power: 6 Watt.
  10. Frequency: 60 RPM.

    Design description:

  11. The Screwer device consists of "Screwer head", connected to motor by flexible shaft.
  12. Motor turns Screwers spiral by flexible shaft. Spiral is turning clockwise inside of holder. The spiral motion screws the spiral inside, while holder is holding by hand and periodically pulling it out.
  13. Several revolutions of spiral screws the whole spiral inside a hole.
  14. Person holds screwer by holder tube and may pull it out after any screwing cycle.
  15. Strong condom use is preferable.
  16. Good lubrication is necessary.
  17. Flexible shaft length (up to 10ft ~ 3 m) allows to place motor on safe distance from body.
  18. Flexible shaft allows free manipulation with Screwer.
  19. Power source - 120V AC.
  20. (Also possible 12V DC motor with AC adaptor. The AC adaptor may be supplied (see Knapsack sets for choosing adaptor).
  21. The device is switching on/off by the switch on the motors cable.

    The Screwer action description:

  22. Screwer turns its spiral. Person holds Screwer by holder tube, and inserts the spiral in hole. It begins screwing inside by rotation of spiral. When spiral touches inner end of the hole it just turning inside. Person may pull it out, and begin next cycle.
  23. Screwer turns not so fast, just 1 revolution per second. It allows to control screwing motion.
  24. The force of screwing-in motion is not strong, it does not pressing inside.
  25. Screwer may be easily pull out by hand (by fingers).
  26. Power of motor is just enough for screwing motion.
  27. Motor noise is not sufficient.

    Selling information:

  28. Screwer set price: $360 . *(see special note)
  29. Screwer set includes "Screwer head", Motor and flexible shaft.
  30. Shipping: by EMS. (see SHIPPING)
  31. The shipping price, according to the Screwer weight and size is: (for example to USA - $65).
  32. Shipping term - 3-7 days.
  33. Manufacturing term: We build Screwer only for order. The manufacturing process takes 1-2 weeks.
  34. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As any Motor device the Screwer needs special care! Power of device is not very mighty, to cause sufficient damage. But in case of incorrect use it may cause pain!

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