REMOTE fucker

2Remote fucking machine
  • Power : 20 Watt.
  • Power source : 14V DC (AC adapter is include in set).
  • Flexible shaft length : 4.9 ft (1.4 m).
  • Stroke : 4" (9 cm).
  • Frequency : 90 RPM.
  • Remote On/Off.
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment allows to use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.
  • Anal Plug attachment allow to use different anal plugs.
  • Shaft flexibility allows free motion of body.
  • Additional anal stimulation.
2Remote fucking machine

Machine far from the ass

    REMOTE fucker is a fucking machine that allows the body not to be fixed to machine position.

    Design description

    REMOTE fucker has a flexible shaft that transmites the stroking motion from machine to dildo.
The drive is installed far enough from body ~ 1.4 m (4.9 ft). The dildo holder is fixed to the ass by anal plug. It allows to arrange the dildo holder to the body, without any other fixation (no harness, belts, etc). Dildo is positioned to the body, allowing free motion, moving ass up-down, left-right, forward, backward, and stepping. Very important that body is not directly fixed to machine position. Flexible shaft has a plastic tube, that transmit the stroking motion to dildo. Stroking motion of dildo stimulate slightly countermotion of anal plug, giving additional anal stimulation.

Principle of action


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REMOTE fucker price - $489

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