Pleasure Chair specifications:

  1. Size: (height x width x length) = 35" x 27" x 23" (87cm x 68cm x 57cm)
  2. Weight ~ appr.17 kg.
  3. Size in disassembled state, for shipping = 27" x 17" x 18" (68cm x 43cm x 45cm)

    Working parameters:

  4. Chair seat swinging stroke: ~ 2" -2.5" (5 - 7cm)
  5. Dildo stroke: up to 8" (~18-20 cm)
  6. Dildo stroke is reverse directed to the seat swing. (Counterstroke)
  7. Working stroke length depends of individual requirements. (Chosen personally).
  8. Frequency: no limitations. (Chosen personally)
  9. Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped. All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and vibrators are acceptable, easy to mount. (Dildo is not included!)

    General information:

  10. Design has steel welded frame. Swinging on back axle. Front legs with two springs, allows free swinging, without extra force.
  11. Practically silent. (Without noise).
  12. Chair allows many different positions - front, reverse, side + individual fantasy.
  13. Chair has a seat cover, easy attachable, covering dildo hole, when not in use.
  14. The analogue product You may find at www.fuckingmachines.com at "Meet the Machines" page. (there is "hard" analogue of Pleasure Chair).

    Selling information.

  15. Price: $539. *(see special note)
  16. Shipping: by UPS or EMS. (see SHIPPING)
  17. The EMS shipping price, according to the Chair weight and size is (for example to USA): $150 (in disassembled state).
  18. Shipping term - 2-5 days.
  19. Manufacturing term: We have ready set Pleasure Chair in stock. We need 1-2 days for packing and sending procedure. If there are no ready chairs - the manufacturing process takes 1-2 weeks.
  20. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    Additional opportunities.

  21. The colour of seat fabric may be chosen by customer (it does not raise the price)
  22. Motor version is also available (see Rocking Chair info - Motor Version specification)
    The price of Motor Version is $690
    Extra care with Motor version is necessary (see Rocking Chair info - WARNING)

*** WARNING: The Pleasure Chair motor version, as any motor device needs special care! In case of incorrect use it may cause a some body damage!

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