LOCOMOTION fucking machine

LOCOMOTION fucking machine

  • Stroke (way length): 4" - 8" (10 - 20 cm) adjustable;
  • Cart speed (Frequency): 30 - 60 RPM, adjustable;
  • Power source: DC 27 V;
  • Power: (DC) 90 Watt;

by rails...

The LOCOMOTION fucking machine has no analogues in the world and history. The most important difference of this design is: The moving part is not a dildo, but the seat moving on a cart forward-backward by the rails. The change of "point of view" makes LOCOMOTION Fucking Machine very attractive.

Fuck this way!

Locomotion fucking machine
Principle of action

You may find a machine in use at link.

Locomotion pics Locomotion info

Locomotion price - $790

Locomotion different versions

main version
revers version
washing board version

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