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  • Dildo motions: 2 degrees of motions (2 axles):
    forward-backward; left-right;
  • Dildo motions range (angle): 80 degrees (+/- 40 degrees from vertical axle);
  • Dildo motions range (amplitude): 11" (28 cm) (for 8" dildo);
  • Additional handle: 4 actions buttons;
  • May be used with any joystick operated games;
  • Special erotic software completed;
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped;
  • Connected to USB port.
  • Cable lenght: 14 feet (4 m);

Joydick (vaginal joystick) is a device, allowing to control computer (erotic) games by vaginal motions. The main "stick" controlling two axes (degrees) motions is a dildo. Additional actions buttons are located on a separate handle.

Joydick may be used to play usual joystick operated games, and for special erotic software. Computer game personals actions initiate actions of "player" - following their motions, catching, turning them to desirable positions, fighting, etc. These controlling motions create vaginal pleasure. Dildo is installed on a ball allowing two degrees of motion forward-backward, and left-right, or turning clockwise - counterclockwise circles. These controlling motions allow to follow the personal of game, run, turn, incline, etc. Special actions, such as "fight", switch, etc, are carrying out by four buttons on additional handle, operated by hand.
The Ordering antabuse online attachment allows to use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos, vibrating dildo is also possible.
Joydick may be installed on a chair, fixed by suction cups. It connects to the computer by lengthened USB cable (14 feet = 4m).
Joydick device may be supplied in several Phenergan with codeine buy:

  • as a single device, allowing to play ordinary joystick operated games, such as "Apache", JetFighter", etc. (Games are not included in set.);
  • in set with special erotic software (striptease, hunt, fight, etc., or just pictures searching, viewing);
Joydick may be used with IBM compatible PC. Connected to USB port. Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98.
All joystick operated games may be played with Joydick.

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