Joydick specifications:

Joydick - make your vagina to control the World! (Computer game World).

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions: (height x width x length) = ~5.5" x 7" x 6" (14cm x 18cm x 16cm)
  2. Weight : ~ appr.1 kg.
  3. Dildo motions: 2 degrees of motions (2 axles):
    forward-backward; left-right;
    full circle (360 degrees) turning around vertical axle;
  4. Dildo motions range (angle): 80 degrees (+/- 40 degrees from vertical axle);
  5. Dildo motions range (amplitude): 11" (28 cm) (for 8" dildo);
  6. Additional handle: 4 actions buttons;
  7. May be used with any joystick operated games;
  8. Special erotic software may be supplied in set;
  9. Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped;
  10. Connected to USB port.
  11. Cable lenght: 14 feet (4 m);

    Design description:

  12. Joydick (Vaginal joystick) - is a computer game controlling device.
  13. Dildo, installed on a Joydick main device allows moving by two axles (2 degrees of motion). Dildo ("stick") motions control the computer game actions: move, run, turn, incline, etc.
  14. Additional handle has 4 buttons for special actions, such as "fight", switch, etc, operated by hand.
  15. Dildo is attached to device stick with Vac-U-Lock joint. (Dildo is not included in basic set.) All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos are acceptable.
  16. Joydick allows to control all joystick operated games.
  17. Special erotic software may be supplied in Joydick set.
  18. Joydick is connecting to computer by USB port. Device equipped with lengthened USB cable (14 feet = 4m).
  19. Joydick may be used with IBM compatible PC. Windows 2003/XP/Me/2000/98.
  20. Suction cups stabilize the Joydick base on a chair (table).
  21. Special soft pillow is supplied in set for raising the butt position over the chair level to convenient position.

    Additional information:

  22. Joydick gives possibility to control different computer software (games, etc) by vaginal motions.
  23. Different software may be adjusted for operating by Joydick, such as: games, pictures viewer, painting, etc.
  24. Interactive on-line games may be also played by Joydick.

    Selling information:

  25. Joydick basic set price: $199 . *(see special note)
  26. Basic set includes main device with 2 degrees of motion stick, equipped with Vac-U-Lock attachment and additional handle with 4 actions buttons. Device has USB port for connection to computer. Set also includes a special soft pillow with a hole, for raising the butt over the chair level to convenient position. (dildo is not included).
  27. Different Joydick sets may be chosen. See sets prices.
  28. Shipping: by UPS or EMS(Express Mail Service). (see SHIPPING)
  29. The EMS shipping price: (for example to USA - $60).
  30. Shipping term - 3-7 days.
  31. Manufacturing term: We always have ready Joydick set in a stock, we need 1 day for packing and sending procedure.
  32. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As any adult toy Joydick needs special care! In case of incorrect use it may cause a pain!

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