We have created some devices for mechanical love pleasures. While testing we have find them very attractive. So we decide to show them.

This site contains some unusual pleasure devices designed and built ourself.

All common FUCKING MACHINES are simple forward-backward dildo moving devices.
We decide to make it more different. For example, not dildo moving, but the body moving against the stable dildo (Locomotion), counter-moving body and dildo, actuated manualy or by motor (Rocking Chair, Pleasure Chair and comfortable Rocking Armchair), wearable fucking machine (Knapsack), (also it's transformable variations) , and following body motions machine (Harness), multi-persons machines (Roulette4Four, Pleasure Sofa), the bicycle transformed to fucking machine (Bicycle and Exercise Bike), remote-operated fucking toy (Tank), arrow shooting (Arbalest) and even dildo-changing machine (Machine Gun), etc.
Of course we have the "Classic" fucking machine (Stand), but it allows much more transformations than usual fucking machines (height, angle adjustment in wide range, and even vertical position is possible). And portable fucking machines (Porta) very compact and suitable.
Our machines are designed to make it much more different and unusual. Of course this item is very privat, but anybody may find here something new and interesting (sex toys are usual thing, but it may be more different!). And new machines (Very Unusual) are coming soon.

If You will find here something interesting, You may order it at ORDER link.

If You have some questions about our products, You may contact us at

E-mail: (click here)

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Purchase of items from Motorfun workshop indicates agreement that the owner of said items is solely responsible for the safe use thereof.
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