Perspective machines


Rocking Horse fucking machine

  • Stroke: up to 8" (20 cm), depends of rocking amplitude;
  • Frequency: depends of rocking intensity;
  • Manually actuated;
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped;

This machine is not built yet. It is only a design. But we have all drawings and parts, to build it if there will be an interest.

Fucking Monsters

ROCKING HORSE fucking device is a well known toy, equipped with dildo-stroking mechanism. The rider sits on a Horse and makes rocking motions. Horse motions transforms by levers mechanism to the dildo stroking. Dildo slides inside a hole in the horse body.

ROCKING HORSE is from the series of "Fucking monsters" animals-shaped toys.

Ride the Horse!

In case of interest for ROCKING HORSE, we need 3 - 4 weeks to build it and test it well. Some modifications may be necessary. We have all drawings and calculations, but had no time yet to build it.

Rocking Horse approx. price - $590

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