Harness specifications:

Harness Fucking Machine can follow the body movement during fucking act!

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions: (height x width x length) = ~16" x 16" x 35" (40cm x 40cm x 90cm)
  2. Dimensions in disassembled state, for shipping 8" x 16" x 27" (20cm x 40cm x 70cm))
  3. Weight : ~ appr.10 kg.
  4. Motor power: 450 Watt;
  5. Power source: 220 V AC or 120 V AC;
  6. Stroke: 2" - 9" (5cm - 22cm) adjustable;
  7. Frequency: 0 - 360 RPM;
  8. Remote control operated (On/off, frequency adjusting).
  9. Working angles: free 0 - 90 degrees;

    Design description:

  10. Motor rotation transforms by disc-crankshaft mechanism to forward-backward strokes of dildo.
  11. Platform with motor has the special Arc. Arc with belts allows to attach the Harness to the body. The main belt is putting on a waist. It has clamps, that may be easily fastened to the Harness arc belts, and adjust the length.
  12. Thanks to its attachment to the body, Harness follows body position changes.
  13. Weight of motor is located closer to the back leg, so it does not press on a body.
  14. Distance between body (arc) and platform may be adjusted by screw rods, that hold arc.
  15. The stroke may be adjusted by rearranging the position of rod on a disc. (See Stand adjustings.)
  16. Harness has a remote control, with On/Off switch and frequency regulator. (The device may be switched off on any frequency!)
  17. Remote control has convenient size [4" x 2" x 1" (10cm x 5cm x 2cm)], cable length 14 ft (4 m).
  18. Dildo is attached with Vac-U-Lock joint. (Dildo is not included!) All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos are acceptable.

    Additional information:

  19. Harness keeps such advantages of stationary fucking machines, as power, speed, remote control, etc., but it is "flexible" for body positions and motions!
  20. Motor performs fucking motions, allowing frequency regulating from 0 up to 360 RPM!
  21. Litle motor noise is present.
  22. Harness assembling manual you may find in Stand manual.

    Selling information:

  23. Harness basic set price: $729 . *(see special note)
  24. Basic set includes Harness machine, with remote control, and equipped with Vac-U-Lock attachment (dildo is not included).
  25. Harness may be supplied in Stand set - the price of set "Stand with Harness" is $990.
  26. Shipping: by UPS or EMS(Express Mail Service). (see SHIPPING)
  27. The EMS shipping price: (for example to USA - $135).
  28. Shipping term - 3-7 days.
  29. Manufacturing term: 2 weeks from receiving an order.
  30. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As any motor device the Harness needs special care! In case of incorrect use it may cause a body damage!

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