portable fucking machine

Fuckthemall fucking machine
  • Based on a drill-screwdriver.
  • Power : 450 Watt.
  • Power source : 220V (120V) AC
  • Stroke : 3" (7 cm).
  • Frequency : 0 - 350 RPM (adjustable).
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment allows to use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.
  • Portable, and not heavy.
  • May be used in individual (single) use or by couple (with partner).

Principle of action

Easy as a drill...

   A lot of requests about "some powerfull, but small" machine caused to create this drill-based portable fucking device.

    Design description

    On the contrary to well known "Drildo", "Fucksall", and similar drill-based machines with short stroke that may be used only "with partner", we created a "FUCKTHEMALL" that is convenient for individual ("single") use, and also for use with partner ("couple use").
    Drill is positioned on a side of stroking mechanism with additional handle allows to keep it by two hands in individual ("single") use (no partner is necessary!). Stroking mechanism has sufficient stroke approx.~3" (7 cm), that is much bigger than in known analogues. But machine remains compact portable machine. Powerfull drill drive gives frequency from 0 to 350 RPM, adjustable by button on a handle. Handle may be used as a support on a bed, floor, etc, allowing additional possibilities (one hand free).
    The machine may be used in "couple" version - holded by partner. (see pic)
    Last but not least advantage - low price!

"Couple version"

powerfull but small



FUCKTHEMALL price - $349

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