fucking machine

Fuckosaur fucking machine
  • Power : 900 Watt.
  • Power source : 220V (120V) AC
  • Stroke : 4" - 10" (10 - 24 cm) adjustable.
  • Frequency : 0 - 180 RPM (adjustable).
  • Remote control operated.
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment allows to use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.
  • Compact & powerful enough.
Fuckosaur fucking machine
Principle of action

Fucking monster

    FUCKOSAUR is a stationary compact fucking machine.

    Design description

    The parallelogram mechanism is based on a steel frame with drive. Crankshaft mechanism produce forward-backward motion of parallelogram arm. The upper arm of parallelogram allows to adjust the "working" height from 3" (8cm) (low on the floor), to 30" (75cm) (high standing). Height adjustment is a very simple procedure - loosen wing nuts by hand and install any necessary height. It allows to choose a lot of different positions, without difficult reassembling! This flexibility of parallelogram mechanism allows to use a FUCKOSAUR in various positions lying on a floor, on a bed, sitting on a chair, doggy, leaning on a table, standing, etc.
The stroke may be adjusted by moving the crankshaft joint on the parallelogram leg from 4" - 10" (10 to 24 cm). Frequency is regulated by remote control.
The parallelogram design allows to make the FUCKOSAUR machine very compact (and also very compact for shipping!).

Fuckosaur fucking machine

Monstrous but pleasant



FUCKOSAUR price - $469

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