2 Dildos-Changing Fucking Machine

  • Power: 450 Watt;
  • Power source: 220V AC (or 120 V AC);
  • Frequency : 0 - 200 RPM (dildo strokes per minute) - regulated by remote control;
  • Strokes: 2" to 6" (5 - 15 cm) may be subadjusted;
  • Dildos quantity: 2 (Stroking in turn in the same hole);
  • DP (Double-Penetration) mode is possible.
  • No other fucking machine allows changing 2 dildos in fucking process!
DUO-HEAD EAGLE dildos directions

Two-Dildos Changing Machine

    I know only ONE fucking machine in the World, changing dildos during fucking act, it is our Dosage of propecia for hair loss. And now we present another Dildo-Changing Machine - the DUO-HEAD EAGLE. Two dildos produce stroking motions in turn one-by-one, aiming to the same hole.

Two dildos stroking to one hole one-by-one

Design description

    DUO-HEAD EAGLE machine gives the unique possibility of fucking by two dildos in turn. Two "heads" are moving in turn and inclined to one point (not parallel, but with little angle). Dildos are adjusted to penetrate to the same point. One dildo completely pulling out and relieves place for another dildo to penetrate the hole.
    Machine is assembled on a welded frame. Drive moves unique levers mechanism, providing heads motions (fluctuation) in opposite directions with equal speeds and strokes.
    Frequency is regulated by remote control (0 - 200 RPM). Strokes may be subadjusted, giving penetration stroke from 2" to 6" (5 - 15 cm).
    DUO-HEAD EAGLE machine has two base frames (one inside another) allowing to install moving heads in convenient working angle (Orlistat diet pills buy online). It gives possibility to choose different comfortable positions (lay, sit on sofa, doggy, etc.)

DP use:
    Special additional part allows to install heads on different heights with variance of (~2") 4cm, it gives possibility to use the DUO-HEAD EAGLE machine as a Double-Penetration machine (see pics (DP mode)). One dildo for vaginal, another dildo for anal penetration. In this mode heads are adjusted for "shorter" strokes 3"-6" (7 - 15 cm) - full penetration stroke, without pulling out dildos.

principle of action