Dildo mounted Camera

DildoCam Camera in dildo
DildoCam with "Dildo Skin"
  • Size:
    Diameter: 1.1" (28mm);
    Length (with handle): 6.7" (17cm);
  • Colour, moisture-proof camera;
  • Optimal focus distance: 1.2"-2.8" (3-7cm);
  • Power source: 12V AC (220V or 110V adapter included);
  • Video output: Generic cialis online bestellen.
  • Output images may be viewed:
    directly on TV ("live" view);
    recorded on Video recorder (movie);
    in Computer by video input (video clips on HD, CD, DVD);
    "catch frame" pictures (photos).
  • Cable length: 11 ft (3m);
  • Over the counter drugs similar to zoloft cover may be supplied in set.
DildoCam Camera in dildo
DildoCam Basic set

Dildo mounted Camera

DILDOCAM is bult on a mini video camera base.

Design description

Mini video camera is equipped with auxiliary illumination, allowing colored filming in small dark place (as vagina) on short distance with high resolution. Camera has a plastic cover with handle, that is convenient for inner filming.
DildoCam may be equipped with Buy sildenafil online cheap (cover) for additional vaginal sensitivity. Small size allows shooting in comparatively wide angles range, by turning camera up-down, left-right, forward-backward. Video may be viewed directly on TV (video input), recorded on Video recorder, or on Computer with video input. Video capture board (not supplied in set) software allows to record videos, "catch picture" (photos), and save it on hard disc, or CD, and DVD.

Small size (diameter = 1.1" [28mm]) allows vaginal and anal use. Also, small diameter allows to combine the DildoCam with additional dildos, beads, and other sex toys (or partners).

DildoCam demonstration

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DildoCam sets

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