CASE fucking machine

CASE fucking machine
  • Weight : 8.8 lb (4kg).
  • Power : 450 Watt.
  • Power source : 220V (120V) AC
  • Stroke : 3" (7cm).
  • Frequency : 0 - 300 RPM (adjustable).
  • Frequency regulator on the case panel.
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment allows to use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.
  • Compact and ready to use.
  • Has a compartment for dildo and cable.
CASE fucking machine
CASE with opened compartment - cable, dildo, Vac-U-Lock, extender


Fucking CASE is a portable powerfull fucking machine.

    Design description

    Fucking CASE - the machine is mounted in portable case. Powerfull drive with levers mechanism provide stroking motions of dildo shaft. The shaft sticks out of the CASE and has a thread for Vac-U-Lock dildo attachment. The frequency regulator (and switch On/Off) is near it on the front panel.
    The Fucking CASE is very convenient portable device. It has a shape of "ordinary" plastic case, that does not look like a fucking machine. Small size ( 13"x12"x5" {35x32x14cm}) makes it easy for Propecia venta online espaƱa. The shaft in its back position is "hidden" inside, when it sticks out only for 1" (~2cm) from case. To assemble - screw on the additional Strattera online buy (with Vac-U-Lock) and it is ready for use. Connect the cable plug on back side of CASE. Switch on the Buy orlistat in canada, adjust frequency - and use. (O! - put on the dildo!)
    The machine is not heavy - 8.8 lb (4kg), as usual suitcase. It may be placed in any convenient position an be hold by hand (or legs, etc.) Its portability allows to place it in flat horizontal position, or vertical, or on any side, it gives any different working heights and angles. In use the CASE may be placed on a chair, on bed, on table,... between legs, etc... or even to hold it hanging in hand. It gives a wide variety of sexual positions.

Portable & comfortable

Principle of action

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Fucking CASE price - $595.00

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