fucking machine

Extreme board fucking machine
  • Power : 900 Watt.
  • Power source : 220V (120V) AC
  • Stroke : 3"-5" (7 - 12 cm) adjustable.
  • Frequency : 0 - 360 RPM (adjustable).
  • Remote control operated.
  • Vac-U-Lock attachment allows to use any Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos.
  • Soft pillow for comfortable sitting position.

Extreme Board with soft pillow

    EXTREME BOARD - comfortable sitting fucking machine.

    Design description

    Extreme Board is designed as a fucking machine for sitting positions.
The board has a soft pillow and drive with levers mechanism. Person is sitting on a pillow. Levers mechanism provides stroking motions of dildo. Dildo position is adjusted on an optimal height over the pillow for sitting position, and may be sub-adjusted up-down for personal features.
    The stroke may be adjusted by moving the crankshaft joint on the lever from 3" - 5" (7 to 12 cm). Frequency is regulated by remote control.
    Machine is very convenient for long term sexual acts. It may be installed on a bed or sofa with back pillows, providing comfortable body position.


Principle of action

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