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Bicycle specifications:

Ancient dream: Ride & Fuck

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions (with support): (length x height x width) = ~72" x 44" x 36" (180cm x 110cm x 90cm)
  2. Dimensions of COLLAPSIBLE MODEL(!) in disassembled state: ~36" x 24" x 8" (90cm x 60cm x 20cm)
  3. Weight : ~ appr.20 kg.

    Design description:

  4. The Fucking bicycle is based on a standard bicycle.
  5. The principle of action - ordinary bicycle riding. The turning pedals motion transforms by chain and unique Stroking device (crank-shaft mechanism) to dildo strokes.
  6. The stroke may be adjusted from 4" to 8" (10 - 20cm) by replacing the crankshaft eccentricity in Stroking device (Previously installed 6.5" ~ 14cm).
  7. No extra force. The force is much lower than real bicycle ride, but quite controlled (feeling).
  8. Free motion.
  9. Practically silent.
  10. "Speed" is not limited. The usual riding tempo allows appr. 180 RPM (dildo strokes per minute). The intensity may be chosen personally.
  11. The shape of the seat allows dildo inserting (stroking through).
  12. Easy to assemble. May be transform from usual bicycle to Fucking machine (and back) in ~10 minutes.
  13. The support holds and fixes bicycle - makes it a simulator. The support is made of stainless steel tubes, and fixes to the bicycle frame with clamps. It does not damage frame, but fixes strongly.
  14. Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped. All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and vibrators are acceptable, easy to mount. (Dildo is not included!)

    Additional information:

  15. While the stroke of dildo is adjustable and ride tempo is free varying - it allows to chose various fucking modes, just most suitable.
  16. The riding style - is personal fantasy.
  17. No brakes! To stop - just stop turning pedals! There is practically no inertia, the stroking device will stop immediately.

    Selling information:

  18. Bicycle basic set price: $855 . * (see special note). Basic set includes standard bicycle equipped with the stroking device, and support. For different possible sets see price list .
  19. Shipping: (SHORT SET) by EMS. (see SHIPPING) The shipping price $99. Shipping term - 3-7days.
  20. Shipping:(! for set with the COLLAPSIBLE MODEL !) by UPS. (see SHIPPING). The shipping price, according to the Fucking Bicycle weight and SIZE is: (for example to USA - $299). Shipping term - 2-5 days.
  21. (The ordinary Post (mail) shipping is also possible. The price of shipping is much less, but terms are 2 weeks or more. And garantees are less.)
  22. Manufacturing term: The manufacturing process takes 1-2 weeks after receiving an order.
  23. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As with usual bicycle or simulator, person must be solely responsible for it's safe use. The support must be checked, to be fixed strongly enough, for not to fall from bicycle during "ride". Person must be careful with moving parts, not to damage body parts!

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