fucking bicycle
  • Based on a folding (road) bicycle.
  • The principle of action - ordinary bicycle riding, legs motion transforms by additional gear and levers mechanism to dildo strokes.
  • The stroke may be adjusted from 4" to 8" (recommended 6").
  • "Intensity" is limited by riding speed. The usual ride tempo allows appr.~ 80-150 RPM (dildo strokes per minute).
  • The shape of the seat allows dildo penetrating.
  • May be used at home with the support as a simulator.
  • The main advantage - IT GIVES POSSIBILITY TO RIDE FOR PLEASURE! (be careful on traffic lights!)

Fuck with the wind...

After we have created a Fucking Bicycle, we received a lot of requests about "Real Riding Bicycle". So, now it's ready, and tested on a road (OK).
It is a Riding version of Fucking Bicycle.

Design description

    The Riding Bicycle is made on an ordinary folding road bicycle. It has an additional gear, running over the chain. Gear drives the levers mechanism, that moves up-down the sliding carriage with dildo. Dildo is stroking inside a saddle hole.
    While riding a bicycle and turning pedals, the chain runs and rotates the additional gear. This rotations transforms by levers mechanism to dildo sliding up-down on the guide, and penetrating saddle hole.
    Normal bicycle riding tempo creates approx. 80-150 RPM (dildo strokes per minute). But, speed racing is also possible...
    May be used with a support for home use as a simulator (see pics.).
    Basic set is made on a folding (collapsible) bicycle to be compact for shipping purpose. But any road and mountain(1-gear) bicycle may be used as a base for Fucking version (see pics.).
    The Basic set is equipped with special box on a "luggage compartment" on a rear wheel (not shown on these pics), for hiding the Stroking device (levers mechanism). (It may be useful, for riding in public places.)

principle of action




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