It is not a fucking bicycle

installed on BICYCLE


fucking bicycle
  • Based on a standard bicycle (any road or mountain bicycle may be equipped).
  • The Fucking Machine works independent of chain or pedals.
  • Frequency : 90 RPM (dildo strokes per minute).
  • The stroke may be adjusted from 4" to 8" (10 - 20 cm) (optimal 6" = 15cm).
  • Power source: 12V DC.
  • May be used at home with the support as a simulator (AC adapter is included),
    or outdoor with accumulator batteries (12V).
  • The shape of the seat allows dildo penetrating.
  • The main advantage - ALLOWS TO COMBINE RIDING AND FUCKING! (be careful on traffic lights!)

Cycling on Fucking Machine

    We have a well known Fucking Bicycle - the manually actuated fucking device, fucking motions of dildo is produced by human force turning pedals.
    But now we decide to install the fucking machine on a bicycle frame - Bicycle-FM. The fucking motion is produced by electric motor with levers mechanism. The guide unit and saddle are taken from the Fucking Bicycle. The idea is to use the bicycle as a base (comfortable for all bikers), and add the electric driven Fucking Machine to it.
    Bicycle-FM is a Fucking Machine installed on Bicycle.

Design description

    The standard (ordinary) bicycle is taken as a base. (The folding bicycle was taken only for compactness, but any road or mountain bike may be taken as a base.) The Fucking Machine (drive with levers mechanism) is installed on a luggage compartment. The guide provides dildo stroking through the special saddle with the hole.
    For "home use" the Bicycle-FM may be installed on a Support. And the motor is connected to the electric circuit (AC adapter is included in set).
    For use outdoor the power supply is provided by batteries (Design is in work now. It will be shown later.)
    The dildo stroking frequency - 90 RPM. Stroke may be adjusted from 4" to 8" (10 - 20 cm) (recommended 6" = 15cm).
    One of the advantages of Bicycle-FM (with electric Fucking Machine) - it gives possibility to rest from turning pedals while continuing fucking.
    The Bicycle-FM difference from the Fucking Bicycle, that the Fucking Machine does not depend of the chain and it may be installed (practically) on any bicycle. Just replace the Saddle and attach the Mechanism to the frame. (It makes cheaper the product and shipping!)
    The Bicycle-FM set may be equipped with special box on a "luggage compartment" on a rear wheel (not shown on these pics), for hiding the Stroking device (levers mechanism). (It may be useful, for riding in public places.)

principle of action

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