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Bicycle Support specifications:

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions (with support): (length x height x width) = ~36" x 36" x 36" (90cm x 90cm x 90cm)
  2. (Dimensions in disassembled state: ~40" x 2" x 2" (100cm x 5cm x 5cm))
  3. Weight : ~ appr.5 kg.
  4. Set includes: 1 "main" leg (length 32" ~80 cm), 4 side legs (length 40" ~ 100cm), 4 steel screw rods, 2 L-steel holders and 3 clamps.

    Design description:

  5. The support holds and fixes bicycle - makes it a simulator.
  6. The support is made of stainless steel tubes, and fixes to the bicycle frame with clamps. It does not damage frame, but fixes strongly.
  7. The design of support is made similar to tetrahedron.(Triangle pyramid - the most rigid three-dimensional frame).
  8. "Vertical" legs are gathered in upper position by special holder and fixed by screws.
  9. In lower positions legs are attached by thin steel screw rods. Their positions are fixed by nuts.
  10. The front part of support is similar, but consist only from one flat vertical triangle.
  11. Easy to assemble. Assembling procedure takes 10~20 min.

Support scheme

support scheme

Support Assembling procedure:

  1. Insert the main (shorter one) leg of support in bicycle frame parallel to the "main" tube, with seat.
  2. Insert the upper L-steel holder inside the bicycle frame triangle under the seat tube.
  3. Attach it to the "main" tube of frame with a clamp.
  4. Attach the main leg of support to the L-steel holder with bolt.
  5. Attach two side legs (right and left) to the L-steel holder with bolts.
  6. Move apart side legs, left - to left-back side, right - to right-back side.
  7. Connect lower ends of legs in triangle by screw rods. Fix them with nuts.
  8. The same with front support, just one vertical triangle.
  9. Fix all connections.
  10. Check the whole support to be strong without free motion (gap).
  11. The support is ready. Bicycle is installed as a simulator.

Selling information:

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