Based on a crankshaft mechanism and connected to bicycle chain, it transforms pedals motion to dildo strokes.

Never Before! The crankshaft were never used in bicycles!

  • The stroke of dildo may be adjusted from 4" to 8" (10 - 20 cm) by changing the position of crankshaft eccentricity.
  • The frequency is regulated by pedals speed.
  • The frequency of dildo strokes appr.~ 3 times higher than pedals turning speed.
  • The usual ride tempo allows appr.~ 180 RPM (dildo strokes per minute).
  • "Speed" is not limited.
  • Easy to install.
  • Practically silent
  • The "Stroking Device Set" includes:
    1. Crankshaft mechanism;
    2. 2 Rods;
    3. Guide;
    4. Vac-U-lock attachment;
    5. Special seat with hole.
  • Overall dimensions: 28" x 9" x 5" ~(70cm x 22cm x 12cm)
  • Pack dimensions for shipping: 12" x 10" x 8" ~(30cm x 25cm x 20cm)
  • Weight: appr~ 5 kg.

The stroking device may be installed on any types of bicycles. But there are some differences in design. (with questions contact )

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