Fucking Bicycle in Bed

  • Based on a bicycle chain mechanism. Allows to combine cycling exercises with fucking action, lying on a bed.
  • The principle of action - legs motion transforms by stroking mechanism to dildo strokes.
  • Stroke: 2" to 6.5" (5 cm - 16 cm) adjustable.
  • Frequency: 80-150 RPM ("Intensity" is limited by exercise speed. The usual exercise tempo allows appr.~ 80-150 RPM - dildo strokes per minute).
  • Convenient as a cycling simulator: legs training and pleasure!

Because of a great interest to our Fucking Bicycles and, also, a lot of a questions ("how to use it in public places?"), we have created this version of Fucking bicycle in Bed.

Principle of action:

The bicycle chain mechanism is taken as a base. It is installed upside-down on a frame and equipped with our stroking device. Person is lying on a bed and making cycling exercises. Pedals turning transforms to stroking motions of dildo.
Legs training exercises may be combined with fucking act.

Also, unique design make it possible to create not expensive and compact (for shipping) simulator.

BEDCYCLE : fucking and cycling in safe conditions!

Principle of action

Also possible in "Sitting on a chair" version

"Sitting on a chair" version allows to use the Bedcycle sitting on a chair (or sofa, etc.) It gives more position variations. Special additional "vertical leg" may be supplied for an order. Easy to assemble.
(See bedcycle sets).

Bedcycle pictures Bedcycle info

Bedcycle basic price - $499

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