BEDCYCLE specifications:

Fucking and cycling in safe conditions!

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions : (length x height x width) = ~20" x 17" x 16" (50cm x 42cm x 40cm).
  2. Dimensions, mounted on a fiberboard plate (base) : ~ 45" x 17" x 16" (120cm x 42cm x 40cm).
  3. Weight : ~14 pounds (6.5 kg).
  4. Stroke: 2" to 6.5" (5 cm - 16 cm) adjustable.
  5. Frequency: approx.~ 80-150 RPM (dildo strokes per minute) - at "normal" ride tempo.
  6. Power source: legs motions (manually actuated).

    Design description:

  7. Bedcycle is based on a bicycle chain mechanism. Person lying on a bed and turns pedals. Chain mechanism equipped with stroking device produce fucking motions of dildo.
  8. The Bedcycle frame is mounted on the fiberboard plate (base) to prevent overturning of device, by legs force. Users body is lying on this plate, ensuring stability of Bedcycle device (any soft pillows or "carpet" may cover the base plate for body comfort).
  9. Bedcycle allows to combine cycling exercises (legs training) with fucking action, lying on a bed. (Nice for morning exercises to keep body in form and cheer up.)
  10. The pedals height is just convenient for legs cycling exercises.
  11. Bedcycle may be used in bed or on a floor (add some pillows for comfort).
  12. The stroke may be adjusted from 2" to 6.5" (5 cm - 16 cm) by changing the position of cranckshaft on a disc.
  13. "Intensity" is limited by cycling speed. The usual cycling tempo allows appr.~ 80-150 RPM (dildo strokes per minute).
  14. Dildo stroking frequency is approximately 3 times higher than the legs (pedals) turning speed.
  15. Vac-U-Lock attachment equipped. All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos and vibrators are acceptable, easy to mount. (Dildo is not included!)

    Additional information:

  16. Also possible the modification of Bedcycle device for use it sitting on a chair (sofa, etc.) (See bedcycle sets).

    Selling information:

  17. Bedcycle basic set price: $499. * (see special note). Basic set includes a Bedcycle device with fiberboard plate. For different possible sets see sets list .
  18. Shipping: basic set by EMS. (see SHIPPING) The shipping price (for example, to USA - $90). Shipping term - 3-7days.
  19. Manufacturing term: The manufacturing process takes 1-2 weeks after receiving an order.
  20. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As with usual bicycle simulator, person must be solely responsible for it's safe use. Person must be careful with moving parts, not to damage body parts!

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