fucking  Armchair

Rocking Armchair specifications:

Rock for pleasure!

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions:
    • with chair
      (height x width x length) = ~36" x 24" x 51" (90cm x 60cm x 130cm)
    • set dimensions (without cardboard plate)
      (height x width x length) = ~16" x 8" x 20" (40cm x 20cm x 50cm)
    • cardboard plate dimensions
      (width x length) = ~24" x 51" (60cm x 1300cm)
  2. Set Weight (without chair) : ~ appr.3 kg.
  3. Stroke: 4" - 8" (10 - 20 cm), adjustable
    (depends of swinging amplitude);
  4. Frequency: as it convenient.

    Design description:

  5. The device is mounted on a cardboard plate. The plate must be placed under Armchair's legs (arcs). The device is attached to the elbow-rest of Rocking Armchair with a clamp. The rocking motion of Armchair transforms by levers mechanism to fucking counterstrokes of dildo.
  6. The stroke may be adjusted on a lever.
  7. Easy to install. Just place the plate under armchair, attach the clamp to the elbow-rest, and adjust distances, by moving armchair forward-backward.
  8. Dildo is fixed with Vac-U-Lock attachment. (Dildo is not included!)

    Additional information:

  9. May be used at home, or outdoors.
  10. Device has no motor, it is "manually actuated" by body movements.

    Selling information:

  11. Rocking Armchair set appr. price: $399. (The device is not built yet, price may change.)
  12. The "Rocking Armchair" set includes levers mechanism mounted on a cardboard plate. (The chair is not included.) Device is equipped with Vac-U-Lock attachment. (Dildo is not included!)
  13. Shipping: by UPS or EMS(Express Mail Service). (see SHIPPING)
  14. The EMS shipping price (set without chair): (for example to USA - $50).
  15. Shipping term - 3-7 days.
  16. Manufacturing term: We need appr. 2 - 3 weeks to build and test the device.
  17. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: The Rocking Armchair needs special care in use!

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