Arbalest specifications:

Arbalest fucking machine: FAST shooting forward, and SLOWLY pulling back.

    General information

  1. Overall dimensions: (height x width x length) = ~16" x 24" x 40" (40cm x 60cm x 100cm)
  2. Weight : ~ appr.7 kg. (Weight of set with AC adapter for shipping - 10 kg.)
  3. Power source: 27 V DC;
  4. Motor power: 90 Watt;
  5. Frequency: 60 RPM ;
  6. Stroke: 4" - 8" (10cm - 20cm) adjustable;
  7. "Shooting force" - adjustable (bowstring tension);
  8. "Shooting" forward speed: approx. 2,5 - 5 feets/sec (1 - 2 m/sec).
  9. Pulling back speed: approx. 0.5 feets/sec (0.2 m/sec).
  10. Working height: 16" (40cm);

    Design description:

  11. "Shooting" of arrow with dildo is performed by bowstring tension. Back pulling of bowstring with arrow is performed by motor with eccentric-levers mechanism. In the final back point mechanism releases the arrow, and it shoots forward.
  12. Pulling back motion is approx. 5 times slower than forward shooting.
  13. The "shooting force" (speed) may be adjusted by rubber bowstring tension.
  14. Standard frequency - 60 RPM = 1 cycle per second.
  15. Stroke (arrow shooting distance) may be adjusted by length of back pulling. Stroke range - 4" - 8" (10cm - 20cm).
  16. The arrow's way (stroke) is limited by the arrows tail clipper. So, arrow can't "fly" further than it's front position. It means, that the depth of fucking motion is limited, and the "shooting" process means only high speed of forward motion.

    Additional information:

  17. Dildo is attached with Vac-U-Lock joint. (Dildo is not included!) All Vac-U-Lock compatible dildos are acceptable.
  18. Arbalest's motor needs AC adapter to be connected to circuit. The 220V or 120V AC adapter is supplied with set. (The voltage 220V or 120V must be stated in order.)
  19. Motor noise is present.
  20. Shooting "banging" is present.

    Selling information:

  21. Arbalest set price: $699 . *(see special note)
  22. Arbalest set includes Arbalest device, with AC adapter, and equipped with Vac-U-Lock attachment (dildo is not included).
  23. Shipping: by UPS or EMS(Express Mail Service). (see SHIPPING)
  24. The EMS shipping price: (for example to USA - $95).
  25. Shipping term - 3-7 days.
  26. Manufacturing term: 2 weeks from receiving an order.
  27. Manufacturing place: Kiev, Ukraine.

    *** WARNING: As any motor device the Arbalest needs special care! In case of incorrect use it may cause a body damage!

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